Carbon Free Electricity is here!

Silicon Valley Clean Energy hosted a launch party on April 3rd, 2017 to celebrate the inauguration of 100% GHG-free electricity to its first 68,000 customers.  About 100 people attended, and Carbon Free Silicon Valley's President, Bruce Karney, was there to give a wonderful speech.

Bruce was interviewed afterward by David Louie of Channel 7 News.

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible, especially Carbon Free Mountain View/Silicon Valley co-founders Cherie Walkowiak and John Scarboro and to the Sunnyvale residents who got the CCA ball rolling in the first place: Gerry Glaser, Barb Fukumoto, Margaret Okuzumi, James Tuleya and the members of the Sunnyvale Sustainability Commission and Sunnyvale Cool.

Learn more about the greener, cheapter electricity now available in Santa Clara County here:

Silicon Valley Clean Energy - Your New Community Electric Provider

New Carbon Free SILICON VALLEY Group Forming

Carbon Free Mountain View is launching a new, more inclusive group called Carbon Free Silicon Valley (CFSV for short). This article describes its purpose and how you can become a member of its new email list.



Carbon Free Mountain View (CFMV) started in 2013 with a focus on renewable energy in Mountain View, but for the last two years we have found ourselves working primarily on regional issues. About 1/3 of our Group’s members do not live in Mountain View, and many who do live in the city have interests that extend beyond its borders. We have been asked to create a new email list and web presence that will be more appealing to non-MV residents.  We are now doing just that.

Early in 2017 we will build out our website and begin to hold public CFSV meetings.  Those meetings will be announced through our mailing list (which you can subscribe to below). For more information about CFSV, email Steve Schmidt, our public information officer.



Click the button below, then click the link that says "Apply for membership."  Note: you need to be logged into Google to access the online forum, which is a Google Group.

The email list will be used for topics relating to GHG reduction in our region.  Share your ideas and learn from others.

We are combating climate change regionally.  

We hope you join us!!