Carbon Free Mountain View (CFMV) is a grassroots group of climate activists.  We led the successful effort in 2014-2017 to bring 100% carbon-free electricity to Santa Clara County by advocating for the creation of Silicon Valley Clean Energy.  Now we're working on making Mountain View the environmental leader in the Bay Area.

Our Group

Carbon Free Mountain View is a group of residents who are dedicated to bringing climate solutions to Mountain View.

Similar groups in our area include Carbon Free Palo Alto, GreenTown Los Altos, MenloSparkCarbon Free San Mateo County and Carbon Free Silicon Valley.

OUR Vision:

We envision a thriving carbon-neutral Mountain View and Silicon Valley.

OUR Mission:

Our goal is for Mountain View's greenhouse gas emissions in 2025 to be 40% lower than they were in 2005.

A large-scale wind, water and solar energy system can reliably supply the world’s needs, significantly benefiting climate, air quality, water quality, ecology and energy security ... [T]he obstacles are primarily political, not technical.
— Mark Z. Jacobson and Mark A. Delucchi, in Scientific American

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