Your City Council Members Need Your Input

Your City Council Members and County Supervisor want to know what is important to you.  Speak up!  Let them know you support Community Choice Energy.  Without support from their community, they may be hesitant to make this big and vital change to your city's electricity supply.

Meeting individual council members in person is the best way to show support.  A phone call is the next best.  An email can also be a quick, effective way to connect with them.

Click below for information on how to contact your city's Council Members or your County Supervisor:

Note: The cities of Milpitas, Palo Alto, San Jose and Santa Clara are not listed here because they will not be voting on whether to join the Community Choice Energy Program in Santa Clara County.  Palo Alto and Santa Clara own their own municipal utilities.  Palo Alto's energy mix is already 100% carbon free, and was the inspiration for Carbon Free Mountain View to investigate CCE.  San Jose is looking into CCE on their own.  Milpitas did not respond to any of SVCCEP's requests to allow access to their electric load data for the feasibility study, which was a requirement for participation.