WHat do we mean by "CARBON FREE"?

"Carbon free" is a quick way to express our vision for a sustainable energy economy that no longer burns fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  Learn more here.

Help mountain view become a carbon-neutral community

Carbon Free Mountain View holds its General Meetings every other month on the 2nd Thursday at 7:30 PM. Agendas are sent to the Carbon Free Mountain View GoogleGroup about a week before each meeting.  The dates of upcoming meetings are: Sept. 13, 2018 and Nov. 8, 2018.  The location of these meetings has not yet been determined.

Contact us to join our GoogleGroup (email list) if you'd like to help Mountain View become a more sustainable place to live, work and play!

Our Board

The Carbon Free Mountain View Board consists of these Mountain View residents.  Board members are elected to terms of two years.

Bruce Karney, Chairman (term expires Oct. 2019)

Bruce Naegel, Secretary (term expires Oct. 2018)

Jane Horton, Treasurer (term expires Oct. 2020)

Emily Chueh, Public Information Officer (term expires Oct. 2019)

Mike Balma (term expires Oct. 2019)

Thida Cornes (term expires Oct. 2020)

Mary Dateo (term expires Oct. 2019)

IdaRose Sylvester (term expires Oct. 2020)

Board Bios

Bruce Karney is a marketing professional who has lived in Mountain View since 1981.  In 2007 he led a city-wide group of 119 Mountain View homeowners who purchased solar panels at a 35% discount.  He subsequently joined SolarCity when it was a small startup to lead group purchasing programs in other cities.  Bruce retired from the solar industry in 2012 and is now an environmental activist.  

In 2008 and again in 2017 he was elected as Chair of Mountain View's Environmental Sustainability Task Force (ESTF).  The recommendations from the 2008 Task Force provided the basis for the City's Environmental Sustainability Action Plans from 2009 to date, and the recommendations from the second Task Force provide a pathway for achieving the City's goals for 2020-2030.  He has a BS in Mathematical Sciences from Stanford and an MS in Management Science from UC Berkeley. He is also a graduate of Leadership Mountain View and Acterra's "Be the Change" programs.

Mike Balma is the Development Director and a board member for the nonprofit SunWork. SunWork installs solar systems for home owners that have a low electric bill along with the help of trained volunteers.  Mike has completed business development and marketing projects for several solar companies. Mike helped lead the Performance Committee for SunSpec, a nonprofit solar industry alliance pursuing information standards that address operational aspects of PV power plants on the smart grid. He also delivers solar workshops for residents of numerous Bay Area cities.

Mike had an extensive marketing career with Hewlett-Packard including helping build HP’s open source business. He previously worked for SRI International, consulting on renewable energy technologies including solar, wind and biomass. He has a Chemical Engineering degree and an MBA.  Mike served on Mountain View's Environmental Sustainability Task Forces in 2007 and 2017-18.

Bruce Naegel's career started in the biomedical industry. He moved to Computer Data Storage (hardware and software) where he held positions in program and product management.  As part of releasing award-winning products, He spoke at industry conferences and published articles in trade publications. He also led a standards committee group on measuring performance.

His passion for sustainability was ignited by a news article which stated it would cost half a billion dollars to resettle an Alaskan village with about 2000 people threatened with sea level rise.

He then found some like-minded people at Veritas Symantec.  Some of them realized that Veritas software can be configured to save energy in a data center.  This effort yielded an energy ROI program, industry conference presentations, and a sales campaign yielding seven and eight figure software deals. Three years ago, he joined Sustainable Silicon Valley.  In the last year his focus was in Metrics and Research. That included numerous blog articles and a set of industry publications on visualizing the drought. He is part of a team working to bring energy efficiency to a disadvantaged community.  Bruce led the Measurement and Metrics Working Group of the Mountain View's 2017-18 Environmental Sustainability Task Force.

Jane Horton is a Bay Area native who is addicted to volunteering. As a teen, she volunteered at Friends Outside, Napa State Hospital, the Palo Alto VA Hospital, and taught school in Mexico. 


As a working  parent, she volunteered in the classroom, helped develop a multi-age art program in MV which received the Mayor’s Award, and volunteered many years with Boy Scouts of America.  However, Jane found her calling at Intuit, where her desire to give back to the community was complemented by Intuit’s We Care & Give Back (WCGB) program.  As a WCGB strategy coordinator she led volunteer opportunities with Intuit and Family Giving Tree, Resource Area for Teaching, Acterra, and other non-profits.  In 2014, Jane was part of an onsite global volunteer project through Intuit where a team of ten volunteers led workshops for young entrepreneurs in villages in Northern India.  Jane also volunteered to lead Intuit’s Green Team from 2008–2017. 

She has been a Board Member of the Center for Public Environment Oversight since 2012, and in the last decade she has been interviewed by several local news stations about TCE groundwater contamination.  She was a member of Mountain View's Environmental Sustainability Task Forces in 2007 and 2017-18.  In 2017-18 she led the “Circular Economy” Working Group and was a member of the Steering Committee.

Jane is an avid bicycle commuter and has logged more than 26,000 bicycle miles.  In October 2015 she received certification as a speaker through Al Gore’s Climate Reality training program.


IdaRose Sylvester's career has been centered in high tech marketing. For the last decade, she’s run her own business supporting other small businesses, and also does teaching and training for companies large and small. While many of her clients care about “the bigger picture,” in recent years she’s become interested in working with people who care about making a bigger impact for society.

In 2017, IdaRose reignited her long time passion for environmental issues by joining the Environmental Sustainability Task Force, and she led the Outreach, Collaboration and Advocacy Working Group. She now sits on Mountain View’s Human Relations Commission. She is also VP of WIRE, an organization helping women get elected and appointed to local office, and is a local political activist.

Mary Dateo -- coming soon

Emily Chueh -- coming soon

Thida Cornes -- coming soon